Scarlett Scratching Post


  • An aesthetically pleasing mushroom-shaped scratching post.
  • A cute and fun addition that fits neatly to any room.
  • Eye-catching design suitable for multiple kitties.

A practical yet fun scratcher to keep your cat’s claws in tip top condition.

Aesthetic mushroom scratcher: mushroom-shaped scratching post, which is very fun cute, nice-looking, and aesthetically appealing, it fits nicely inside the room while adding some chic style to the space. An eye-catching look will draw the kitty’s attention. Perfect for multiple kitties.

Durable Sisal scratcher: the two sizes of the mushroom scratcher and pillars covered with durable sisal hemp rope, give your cat full stretching and scratching, relieve stress, and keep their claws clean and healthy, satisfying your cat's natural scratching instincts.

Reliable furniture toy: this scratching toy is made of a solid composite board for reliability and stability, not easy to deform. Natural sisal hemp rope for durability and scratching, wear-resistant, no strong smells, both attractive to your cat and functional.

Space-saving scratching post: a scratching post is essential for a healthy cat, and it will also save your furniture from getting destroyed. Space-saving design doesn’t take up much space and will suit any narrow areas.
Sturdy base and easy assembly: this plaything features artificial grass that adds a cool touch to the base and looks very great. The base is strong enough so that it will not fall over. Very easy to assemble all the pieces together and you will get a nice item for your cats. Disassembling is also convenient as it requires no tools.

Image credit: Wayfair


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