Block Print Starter Gift Set


  • Give the gift of a new skill with this carve-your-own block printing starter kit.
  • The perfect companion for mindfulness, relax your mind as you slowly carve out a unique design.
  • Ideal for fans of crafts, card-making and printing techniques, who want to unleash their creativity.

Deliver the joy of a new creative skill in one easy step; ordering a kit to gift today!

Give flight to your loved ones’ creativity with this carve-your-own block printing starter kit. Presented in our beautiful new Molly Mahon gift box, it contains all the supplies necessary to get you going. Included in the box: X2 lino blocks; X3 pots of paint; X2 wooden blocks; X1 lino carving tools; X3 stipplers; X2 tea towels; X10 cards & envelopes. Size: 17cm x 42cm x 8cm.

Image credit: Molly Mahon.


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