New Board Games: Perfect for Fun with Family and Friends.

New board games make for a fantastic gift that is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for family and friends.

A much-loved form of entertainment for decades, their popularity only continues to grow. Whether it’s a family gathering, a night in with friends, or a cozy evening with a loved one, board games make for a fun and engaging way to spend time together and create some unforgettable memories. 

We’ve rounded up a list of the latest and greatest board games that are sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. From strategic showdowns to laugh-out-loud party games, there’s something for everyone on this list. So take a look and see which game you want to spice of your next game night. Let the fun begin!




Ok Play is the multi-award winning family strategy game that makes it simple to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Prasied for its simplicity, this strategic game takes seconds to learn but hours to master – so you’ll never be bored! With durable, waterproof tiles, this game is perfect for travel and can be easily clipped on your bag. Ok Play has been given the prestigious ‘Best Family Game’ award from Imagination Gaming and won a Parent’s Choice Award in 2018.




Charterstone is an exciting competitive variable worker-placement game for 1-6 players. Construct buildings and inhabit a shared village over the course of 12 games, discovering new and powerful abilities with each one. As your village grows, so does your power in this unique worker placement experience. Have fun building your own unique village that will be passed down through generations, as you discover powerful abilities.


What Next?


What Next? is an adventure waiting to be discovered! It is a choose-your-path co-operative board game for adults and kids aged 10+. In this game, you’ll be chased through the jungle by colossal koalas, renegade robots and an angry old lady with a bazooka. As you go, you’ll face over 60 action-packed challenges which are different every time. From puck-flicking to shape building and card throwing to role playing – test your skills. But beware – there’s peril around every corner!


The Initiative


Unexpected Games: The Initiative is a unique co-operative board game that blends story, strategy, and code-breaking. Players take on the role of teenagers in 1994 who have found a mysterious board game called “The Key”. Follow their journey as they play the game and help them survive the pivotal chapter of their lives. The campaign is broken into chapters, each taking 30 to 60 minutes to complete and starting with an interactive comic book page. Weaving narrative, code-breaking, and mystery into one thrilling game experience.


Sounds Fishy


Catch of the Day: Sounds Fishy is the perfect new family board game. With inventing funny answers, and not getting caught, this game is designed to be fast-thinking and push your luck. It has something for everyone — creativity, trivia, a little bit of sneakiness — all packed into one box that families can dive in again and again. Plus with answers given ahead of time it’s ideal for kids or adults – a great board game that’s easy to learn and quick to play.


Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens is the perfect game for family and friends who love to have a good time! Compete in the Russian Roulette-style card game and avoid exploding kittens. With 56 cards, this award-winning game is easy to learn and only takes two minutes to play. Plus, with its Game of the Year award, you know it’s one of the best card games out there. Get ready for hours of laughs and silly fun as you try your best not to explode.




Mysterium is a captivating board game of mystery and deduction set in the 1920s. Players take on the roles of eminent mediums and Mr. MacDowell, the gifted astrologist, who has gathered them to investigate a mysterious ghostly crime. With seven hours to contact the ghost and investigate clues, your team must work together to unravel the mysteries. For ages 10+ and 2-7 players, Mysterium is an exciting way for family and friends to spend quality time together.




Dobble is a game of speed, observation and reflexes. Race to find the one matching image between one card and another. The images may be different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot. Every card is different and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck. Play five mini games: Fill the well, the towering inferno, hot potato, catch them all and the poisoned gift. Dobble is perfect for kids and adults alike.


Throw Throw Burrito


Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first dodgeball card game, combining the fun of collecting matching sets of cards with the excitement of dodging, ducking and throwing squishy burritos! With rules that are simple and easy enough for kids aged 7+ to understand, this fast-paced game will have you clearing some space in no time. Collect cards, play your hand and throw things at your friends – it’s fun for whole families!


Six Second Scribbles


Six Second Scribbles is the perfect game for those who are looking for a fun and frantic challenge. In this rapid-fire game, you have 60 seconds to draw 10 things from a given category. With over 1000 items to draw across 100+ categories, you’ll need your wits and creativity as you take on food, animals, body parts, tourist attractions, animated films and cheeses! When the time’s up pass your scribbles to another player who must decipher the drawings correctly in order to score points and win the game.




Discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves with Wingspan, the competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games. Gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower, lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colours, and draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them. Bring together your team of bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers for hours of birdy fun.


The Shakespeare Game


The Shakespeare Game is a fast-paced, interactive board game that will take you back in time to the world of Elizabethan England. Put on plays, collect characters and race around London’s theatres as you compete with other playwrights to gain fame and glory before they can steal your ideas or burn down your theatres. Challenge yourself to learn loads of references to Shakespeare’s plays as you accumulate money at the box office. Test your strategy against family and friends for hours of exciting fun.


Richard Osman’s House of Games


Richard Osman’s House of Games is a fun and exciting board game based on the BBC2 show hosted by Richard Osman. Perfect for gathering family, friends or colleagues for some competitive entertainment, this game brings your favourite challenges from the show into your home. Test your knowledge with interesting trivia questions or face-off against each other in ‘Answer Smash’. Suitable for 3+ players aged 12 years and above, who will become the House of Games champion.


Japace Carrot Memory Board Game


Japace Carrot Memory Board Game is the perfect wooden toy for children ages 3, 4, 5 and 6+, offering hours of fun and exciting play. This eco-friendly game features sustainable rubber wood and non-toxic water-based paint, making it safe for kids while they develop their motor skills and color awareness. Additionally, this bright memory game helps with cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills as well as improve memory & concentration. Perfect to entertain both friends & family


Partners in Crime


Partners in Crime is the perfect game for a night of suspense and thrills! This unique game pits you against your friends and family to see who can identify their Partner in Crime without giving away their identity. Players must use cunning and creativity to find the right word or drawing that will hint at who they are while still staying hidden from their opponents.


Stupid Deaths


Stupid Deaths is a fun, highly entertaining board game for the whole family. With easy-to-play rules, players must guess if implausible deaths throughout history are true or false in order to be the first one home and win. Suitable for 2 to 6 players or teams aged 12 years and over, Stupid Deaths is sure to bring dark hilarity to your game night.


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is the perfect party game for 2-8 players. It’s a wild, fast-paced version of Slap Jack and Irish Snap that will have everyone laughing and shouting with delight. Players must wrack their brains to recall five crazy words—Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza—and then race to be the first one to slap down the right card! Suitable for ages 8 and up, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is an addicting game that could become your family’s favourite new board game.


Happy Little Dinosaurs


Will you be the last Dinosaur standing? Avoid the disaster and you win the game! Each round, you’ll flip a Disaster card and be confronted with a Natural, Predatory, or Emotional disaster. Face all of life’s little disasters and you’ll be top dinosaur on the block!


Herd Mentality


Wanna join the herd? Flip over a question, grab a pencil and follow the crowd in this family strategy board game. Would you rather have robot arms or robot legs? Don’t know the answer? Try to figure out what everyone else would write! If your answer is in the majority, you win cows. Whatever you do, don’t stand out!


Bears Vs Babies


Bears vs Babies is the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids (ages 10+) who are into building monstrous bears who eat horrible babies. It’s all about building amazing monsters, eating delicious babies and destroying the competition! Created by Exploding Kittens – The award-winning creators of hilarious, entertaining games that everyone can love. This highly-strategic party game for 2-5 players only takes 20 minutes to play. The package includes 107 Cards, a playmat, FAQ sheet, rule book all tucked inside a furry box!